Unique pizza and culinary creations prepared in an authentic Italian wood-fired pizza oven.

Since 2018

“Not only does the culinary mashup of wood-fired pizza and Cajun food work, it is downright divine. Taking a bite from one of the slices of pie creates a cheese pull that would make the Ninja Turtles weep. The smoky Cajun toppings are so authentic that anyone’s Mawmaw would approve, even if begrudgingly. There’s a reason for that. The ingredients are geared to the Acadiana palate – cayenne and confit garlic are always key ingredients.

The menu at Cajun Saucer ranges from down home to “ET phone home.” The classics are classic – the C-3 Pepperoni is covered in puddles of mozzarella and freckled with curly pepperonis. Then, there are the far out selections, like the SPUD TREK, starring French raclette cheese, baked potato slices and green onions. This pizza is what would happen if a classically trained French chef got the munchies.”

 — Shanna Dickens

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