Down on our grandparent’s farm, our grandmother would brew a fresh grègue of café noir every morning for our grandfather’s pre-dawn breakfast.  Café noir was more than a cup of coffee.  Its mere presence conveyed love and appreciation, and expressed a cheerful welcome.  To honor our French-speaking ancestors, we set out to create a beer inspired and influenced by every pot of café noir, whether shared on the porch or sipped in the duck blind. 

Our LA 31 Bière Noire features a specially roasted dark malt with chocolate notes, fine European barley and wheat, and select noble hops that lend a small bite of bitterness and a dry, French-roasted coffee flavor.  Enjoy it with grilled steaks, hamburgers, or sausage po-boys, any spicy blackened Cajun dish, or simply around a dinner table in the company of those you cherish most. 

Pairs well with Manchego, Blackened Red-Fish, Raw Oysters, Sausage Po-Boys, Grilled Burgers.

Style: Dark French Saison
ABV= 5.4
IBU= 20
Malt: Dark, Crystal
Hops: Noble Hops

À votre santé.