Brewing and tweaking five gallon test batches on the antiquated propane rig our brewery uses for weekend crawfish boils for inspiration, our brewmaster Gar Hatcher has crafted a biere to complement the spicy epitome of Cajun cuisine. Saison D’Écrevisses (Crawfish Season) is a Belgian-style Saison spiked with a generous amount of rye malt and then fermented with a distinctive Belgian yeast that gives this beer its dry and peppery finish. Finished with imported French Aramis hops, Saison D’Écrevisses has 24 IBUs and is 6% ABV. Our Saison D’Écrevisses is available in 22 oz. Belgian-style bottles and on draft only during Louisiana’s traditional crawfish season (January to June).

Style: Saison
ABV= 6
IBU= 21
Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Rye
Hops: Aramis

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