Bayou Teche Brewing’s barrel-aged beers are limited production batches of 15 to 30 barrels offered in kegs and in 22 oz bombers.

Available in spring: Biere Joi Percolator Series- High alcohol Biere Joi  7% ABV aged in oak whiskey barrels on cacao nibs & vanilla beans. Louisiana’s Mello Joy coffee and Primo’s peppers featured.
Biere Joi’s malt bill might bear a familiar resemblance to a Belgian Trappists’ Dubbel, if it were not for the beer’s generous quantity of French Coffee malt and the insane amount of Belgian dark candi sugar. After fermentation, Biere Joi is next racked into whiskey barrels and aged with Mello Joy French roast coffee, cacao nibs and Chile d’arbol peppers. The eclectic fusing of malt, caramel, coffee, chocolate and Chile peppers makes for a unique pint in this relatively light bodied, around 7.5% percent ABV beer.

We like to pair the coffee and chocolate forward Biere Joi with a savory pastry, like Tasso and Pepper-Jack cheese scones, or a traditional Cajun pork meat pie. Biere Joi is also nice with heavily sauced barbequed pork or chicken, bread pudding, or Bananas Foster.

Biere Joi Barrel Aged

Style: Coffee Ale
ABV= 7
IBU= 15
Malt: Pale,Caramel, Munich
Aged on Oak with Coffee, Cacao, and Chile de Arbol Peppers

Available in late summer:  Miel Sauvage – Barrel Aged Honey Beer   9% ABV available in cases of 12 22 oz bombers and slim kegs.

In France, farmhouse breweries have crafted Bière de Miel for centuries – an ale brewed with an ample amount of local honey.   Honeybees were long an emblem of French nobility and ultimately adorned Napoleon’s flag of exile.  Miel Sauvage is Cajun French for wild honey and our Biere de Miel is fermented with honey from our neighbor, Bernard’s Apiaries and with barley imported from France.  This mahogany colored beer has a pronounced honey aroma and is barrel aged to contribute a smooth vanilla oakiness.

Miel Sauvage

Style: Honey Ale
ABV= 9
IBU= 30
Malt: Pale, Honey
Aged on Oak

Available in December: Loup Garou-  8% ABV Belgian Stout aged in oak whiskey barrels.

Loup Garou is the Cajun French phrase for a werewolf and is also Bayou Teche Brewing’s limited edition, Belgian inspired Imperial Stout.  Crafted with an insane amount of chocolate roasted Belgian malts, brown sugars and French hops, our stout is then aged on oak for several months.  Loup Garou is just around 8% ABV and will be released in 22 oz. Belgian-style bottles and a very limited number of kegs.

Loup Garou

Style: Stout
ABV= 7.5
IBU= 50
Malt: Pale, Chocolate, Caramel, Rye
Aged on Oak with Licorice root