Some of the world’s most delightful farmhouse breweries dot the French countryside, humbly turning out elegant yet rustic ales using grains and hops grown on the property and on nearby farms.  As descendants of survivors of Le Grand Dérangement, we’re proud of our French heritage, and we’re delighted to honor their brewing tradition with a rustic farmhouse ale we’ve named LA 31 Acadie in memory of our Acadian homeland in rugged Eastern Canada.

Acadie is an amber colored, light- bodied farmhouse ale with tangerine-like hop aroma and a soft sweet malt flavor and mellow bitterness.  Crafted with malts from European farms, German Saphir hops, and raw Louisiana cane sugar, Acadie offers complex flavors that tapers off to a dry finish.  Pair this brew with most any cuisine and you’ll experience it’s uncanny ability to bring contrasting flavors together from pickled okra and fresh garden tomatoes to a nice hogshead cheese and cutting board layered with tasso and andouille.

Pairs well with Camembert, Brie, Chevre, Fried Seafood Platter, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Shimp Po-Boy, Tasso and Asparagus Crepes.

Style: French Farmhouse Ale
ABV= 5.7
IBU= 20
Malt: European Malts, Louisiana Cane Sugar
Hops: Saphir

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