Karlos Knott

Karlos Knott

Karlos Knott, Brewmaster

The President of Bayou Teche Brewing, Karlos Knott developed an appreciation for the finely brewed beers of Europe while serving as a US Army Cavalry Scout in Germany in the 1990’s.  While there, he savored the local beers and cuisines that had evolved symbiotically together.

Transferred to the Pacific Northwest just as that region’s microbrewery scene was just starting to explode, Karlos often visited these small emerging breweries and then started brewing small batches of beer at home.  This new found hobby made it possible for him to craft a tolerable hefeweizen, a German wheat beer which at that time was near impossible to get in the states.

After his discharge from the Army, he came back to Acadiana, crafting beers for special family occasions and honing his brewing skills, all the while listening to Cajun and Zydeco music.

He has a Bachelors of Arts degree in English from the University of Maryland European division.

When not brewing beer, drinking beer, or reading about brewing or drinking beer, Karlos enjoys playing his Cajun accordion, cooking for and spending time with his family and cruising rural Acadiana highways on his Harley Springer looking for the elusive perfect link of boudin.

Or bag of gratons.

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Byron Knott

Byron Knott

Byron Knott

Head Brewer at Bayou Teche Brewing, Byron “Free Lunch”  Knott earned a bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  A noted local artist, his uplifting and colorful pop art paintings have been seen around Lafayette and area art shows for the last decade.

He has traveled several times to Europe to experience the local brews and contemplate the classic paintings he had studied in college.  His last trip to Europe was to the former East Germany, tasting beers (schwartzbier, Damphbier, and some tasty Pilsners) and visiting art museums that were verboten to Americans until the wall came down.

Byron paints the pop art scenes on the sides of our six pack boxes and is the production manager for the Arnaudville brewery.  He has become quite the brewer himself and is the creative mind behind some of the more non-traditional and frankly bizarre ingredients and techniques of some of our beers.

When not brewing, Byron loves to visit the small towns, vineyards and woodlands of the South.  His quest for the region’s unique wine, beer and moonshine has often led to revelatory inspirations for everyone at the brewery.  He still enjoys painting on large canvasses, writing poetry, and composing songs.  Every Sunday during crawfish season he can found boiling crawfish at our family’s communal outdoor kitchen, ice-chest of cold LA31’s nearby.

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Dorsey Knott

Dorsey Knott

Dorsey Knott

The youngest brother, Dorsey, is Bayou Teche Brewing’s Vice President.  He worked through college as a bartender and nightclub manager before serving in the U S Air Force as a contract specialist.  He has been the operations manager of a regional data integration company and the general manager of a food distribution organization.  His industry contacts have been instrumental in the brewery’s growth.  Dorsey has worked closely with each distributor and legend has it, has visited every account that sells Bayou Teche Biere.

An avid sportsman, Dorsey can be found most mornings during the winter in his duck blind and later, during crawfish season, wearing hip boots pulling a bateau in our family’s crawfish pond.  He also is an avid angler, throwing his hook where ever the fish are hiding.

He shoots or catches a lot of the ingredients for our Gumbos.

When he is not on the road visiting the stores that carry our beer or tasting LA-31 on tap with a new bar account, Dorsey is the producer, and brother Byron is the cameraman for a YouTube cooking series known as the Cajun Wife, starring his wife Laurin.

Laurin Knott is also the Hospitality Manager  at the Brewery in Arnaudville.  She graciously offers tours of the brewery and tastings in the tap room.  Get the latest on what’s on tap, what’s to eat and new merchandise by liking the Bayou Teche Tap Room page on Facebook.

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Louis Michot

Louis Michot is Bayou Teche Brewing’s Official Ambassador to the United States. After teaming up to produce the first two En-Français music CD’s with our brewery, a friendship was founded based on Cajun craft beer and music. Since joining our brewery, Louis has traveled throughout America (and much of the Francophone world) fiddle in hand and a few bottles of LA-31 in his checked luggage.

Fluent in French (and pretty good in English too), Louis has a keen interest in Cajun and Creole heirloom seeds, and the cultural, environmental, and historic knowledge of Acadiana’s agrarian population – and how their unique language shaped the region’s agriculture. In 2001, he received his Permaculture Design Certificate, an international method of sustainable farm design, and went on to manage the implementation of a sustainable demonstration farm at the Louisiana Eco-Industrial Park in Minden, Louisiana. This led to his interest in local agriculture methods, and seed saving techniques and the founding of the Cultural Research Institute of Acadiana .

Louis is a highly respected fiddle player and singer, and founded the bands Lost Bayou Ramblers and Soul Creole. He was awarded a Grammy nomination in 2008, and was featured on the soundtrack to the award winning film Beasts of the Southern Wild. Louis also hosts a weekly program on KRVS called “Le Reveil” a 2 hour all Cajun French radio show.