A few days ago a friend of mine, Rocky McKeon, posted on Facebook: “I love the way foreigners look at me funny when I say ‘breakfast, dinner and supper’ instead of the Anglo ‘breakfast, lunch, and dinner.’  You’re on my turf now. I know which words push your buttons and make you think twice. I also Continuing reading…

Summer Time News


Saturday evening while unwinding with my family, my cell phone began playing some Zydeco from John Delafose (my ring tone).  I answered, and was welcomed with a butt dial from Louis – live on stage in Dayton Ohio.  I listened to he and his band perform Louisiana French music live, thru my iPhone for 10 Continuing reading…


Slightly across from our home’s side door is a small grove of bald cypress trees that we planted about thirteen years ago.   Along with the live oak trees, crepe myrtles, and Southern Magnolias we transplanted, and a few very old native pecans, our yard is taking on the appearance of a Louisiana themed arboretum.   In Continuing reading…


You know I’d have to say that the biggest blessing for my family since we started Bayou Teche Brewing is all of the cool new friends we have made in the last two years.   Though many of these new friends are in the beer industry, most are involved in wonderful things that have very little Continuing reading…

Before Lent


Stephanie and I had been working all morning in separate rooms in our house.  She was cloistered upstairs in our office toiling on some year-end reports going to the numerous officials in the states we are distributed in.  I was downstairs answering the one hundred and seven emails I had let pile up during the Continuing reading…


We don’t drink wine with Gumbo, we drink beer!


We iced down LA-31 and Grenade beer donated by Bayou Teche Bieres in a pirogue, and Ray Pellerin hauled all of it to South Texas in his motorcycle trailer.


Our family started our little brewery just over a year ago knowing that we wanted to craft beers to compliment Cajun and Creole cuisines and lifestyles – to be selected at the nation’s premiere food and beer event to us is a big honor.

Boucanee and Mardi Gras

Well I woke up Sunday morning With no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt. And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, So I had one more for dessert. The opening lyrics of Sunday Morning Coming Down by Kris Kristofferson (though I think I’ve only heard the Johnny Cash version of the Continuing reading…

My grandfather was a bad dancer, as was his father. My father is pretty bad, as are my brothers. As for me, when I dance I look like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, if he was cursed with arthritis and a strange lack of rhythm.