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Bayou Teche Brewing is releasing LA-31 Boucanee, a lightly smoked wheat beer.

This news is from Karlos Knott of Bayou Teche Brewing.

Karlos tells me that their Biere Pale is selling very well in all parts of South Louisiana. The demand for Biere Pale is very high and they are selling out every month in every market.

Currently, it is my (Andy) favorite beer and is available in the New Orleans area.

Now Bayou Teche is releasing a new beer, LA-31 Boucanee. It is currently their favorite beer at the brewery and he describes it as a lightly smoked wheat beer, very refreshing and goes with anything grilled, smoked, or a meat that loves being smoked (pork or chicken). They also drink it with gumbo, boudin, sausage po-boys and grilled hamburger.

LA-31 Boucanee will be available for a tasting one night this week at the Avenue Pub in New Orleans in a cask. They will begin offering it on tap in about 3 weeks.

Karlos shared the tap handle artwork for the Boucanee with me.

Thanks for the information Karlos, I can’t wait to try out LA-31 Boucanee!

  • Adam

    When ya’ll going to be selling Boucantèe in the stores?

  • Jeffareaux

    I have tried it
    I liked it
    I want some moe of it

  • Jeffareaux

    Same question as Adam when will it be in stores