Bayou Teche Brewery Caters to the Local’s Palate

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Anyone that I encounter that has spent time in the Northwest will gladly tell me about all of the amazing breweries that pepper the Pacific. Even though we don’t have a myriad of local suds to choose from our selection slowly gets better every year.

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A newcomer in the New Orleans market is Bayou Teche Brewery. Louisiana’s fourth brewery has humble beginnings, but will likely explode in popularity soon. Located just outside the town of Arnaudville the brewery is housed in an old railroad car. The beer was crafted out of a need for a great beer that compliments Cajun food.

I found their LA-31 Bière Pâle at Whole Foods and was admittedly drawn in with the packaging. Unlike a “K-Ville” gumbo party their clever labels are the real deal. Louisiana residents will recognize “beer drinkers paradise” as a play on “sportsman’s paradise” and our highway signs make a great logo. The beer itself is really, really good. It’s slightly fruity with a musty, nutty, spicy kick and even though it is a pale ale there is nothing “pale” about this great drinking brewsky.

Keep up with Bayou Teche Brewing via their blog and please help support this budding brewery.

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